Our 8th Midsomer Murders fan convention weekend! MIDSUMMER IN MIDSOMER 2015 - 19-21 June 2015

As usual, this was an activity-packed weekend - it included several location visits, a talk by a stunt specialist who has worked on Midsomer, visits to location pubs for refreshment & nourishment to name but a few! And, for something a little different, a visit to Brooklands Museum in Surrey for the extension day – including enjoying a glass of bubbly on board Concorde!

Our chosen charity for 2015 - which received all profits made over the weekend - is the “British Heart Foundation”.

It funds research into heart diseases and cures for them, as well as education and prevention. We elected this charity in memory of one of our Society founder members, John Harmar, who sadly died last autumn. This lovely gentleman has supported the Midsomer Murders Society since its inception, and was a dear friend to many of the “regulars”. He will be very much missed.

Friday 19 June
As is by now customary for the weekend, we start off with a drink and a two course “Meet & Greet Lunch” at the Peacock, as tasty as ever.

In the afternoon, we headed to Upton Fruit Farm, which appeared in “The Night of the Stag” – and we had a gander around the apple orchard, and visited the shop – and sampled some of the cider produced there. We do think that the bee hives may need a Midsomer warning sign on them... now there's an idea for the script writers, we don't think they used that yet!

We then returned to the base hotel for our customary Midsomer Quiz Evening with a BBQ buffet in between rounds.

Saturday 20 June

After breakfast, we were off to visit two quintessential location villages – Turville and Hambleden. To guide us around the locations and to add to the fun, there was be one of our location trails and a quiz.

For a light lunch, we headed to Mapledurham House’s tea rooms, then we explored the house, mill and gardens, and enjoyed a cream tea before leaving.

We went back to The Peacock, in order to change and refresh, and then we were off yet again, this time to “Long Crendon Manor” to enjoy a three course dinner in the fantastic medieval Great Hall.

Sunday 21 June

In the morning, the coach took us to explore our first location visit of the day – Chenies Manor. We have been here before – a looong time ago! – but it was a favourite location for the Midsomer crew and us, so we thought we’d go back!

For lunch we went once more to the “Royal Standard of England” in Forty Green, yet another location pub! This is a very atmospheric pub, do check out the weaponry, turtles and skeletons… and the draft beers and ciders, if you're in the area.

Then we wound our way through leafy small lanes to St Katherine’s in Parmoor, where we were allowed to roam the gardens and the house, which were used in “Kings Crystal” as the venue for the Masonic ceremony, then enjoyed a cream tea and a talk by Ron Dowling, who has worked as a stunt specialist for Midsomer Murders.

In the evening we had our customary two-course “Farewell Dinner” at the Peacock to round off the weekend.


We were braving the nation's favourite car park, ie the M25, to get to Brooklands Museum in Surrey!

This museum trust incorporates a classic car collection (including the unique Napier Railton – for which we were testing a new attraction at the site: a 4D “Ride on the Brooklands Banking in the Napier Railton”), vintage plane collection (including a Concorde, on board which we had a glass of bubbly and saw the speed display go to Mach 2!) and the London Bus Museum - as well as the remains of the banking, Britain’s oldest purpose-built racing track, and lots more…

We also met the owner of the Bentley 4 litre vintage car from the episode "Death in the Slow Lane" and his Bentley, which he had driven to Brooklands just for us - and he shared his filming memories and his photos with us. Sadly, we didn't get offered any rides...

To ensure we didn't get lost on the huge site, we got a guided tour. A hot lunch was be included at the Sunbeam Café at the museum.

Please believe us - you do not need to be a petrol-head or bus anorak to enjoy the large museum! But if you’re in need of more petrol fumes, head over the road to Mercedes Benz World, where there is an exhibition of Mercedes cars from its beginning to today, including some of the Formula 1 cars (and yes, some of the cars you can buy, providing you have the necessary money).

The coach dropped us off at the Peacock in the late afternoon, for dinner we shared private cars and headed back to another favourite of the Society, a two-course dinner at the Lions of Bledlow in the evening – yes, you’ve guessed it- it’s another location pub!

Text & all photos copyright Sabine Schreiner 2015